Saturday, October 4, 2014

The bazillion posts I just published (with the exception of Kitchen Cat) were from the past few months.

I've been busy to say the LEAST.

Kitchen Cat

Tim and I moved into our own place a month ago, and this is the painting I did for our kitchen—which I’ve decorated in only black and white.

May 26th

Obsidian Currents

How I was feeling in May, 2014 and some sketch portraits. Title taken from an of Montreal song.

Neon Melt

She looks like a snotty neon teenage Barbra Streisand, and I’m glad.


A little photoshop sketch. “And I know some kind of rain will fall, but it can’t rain everyday.”

Luke's Thoughts

 I am completely smitten with the Professor Layton games and the characters. Here we have Luke studying his notes (what a cutie).

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's gift for Tim!

The Bookmark

My mom's birthday present (back in February)


"Jeepster," gouache on watercolor paper

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sparkling Winter

I saw some fabulous platforms at a thrift store today and they inspired me to get my paints out and get in the spirit of winter, albeit a glam rock one (the best kind).
P.S. It snowed a lot here in Michigan

Go buy it here!

Christmas Cat

My Christmas card for 2013. Cats have been lucky for me this year, so it is only fitting.

Rushmore Aquarium

I got the chance to create a piece for Spoke Art’s annual “Bad Dads” show, a Wes Anderson tribute, and the work created for it this year is seriously, seriously awesome.
Rushmore is a perfect film to me, from the soundtrack to the velvet curtains separating the story by months in a school year. Every main character has a kind of heartbreak to live with and Max is at the center of the chaos. With that being said, I HAD to do a Rushmore piece with Max at the center of a swirling, chaotic aquarium.
Purchase my piece and others over here!

Saturday, October 5, 2013